Rene Gibson

Rene Gibson takes ordinary animal skulls and transforms them into beautiful pieces of art. She combines a variety of materials including gemstones, glass tile, smalti and a variety of beads ranging from simple seed beads to vintage African beads to a mix of metal beads. With an undergraduate degree in interior design, Rene creates pieces … Read more

Nelson Boren

On the small  screen of a computer  (or the  scaled down screen of a phone) it’s hard to get a sense of how big and impressive these paintings actually are. Nelson’s paintings are stunning in scale, but it’s not merely the size that appeals to us. His paintings appeal to us with their technical wizardry, … Read more

JD Challenger

JD Challenger’s work touches on the history and significance of many ceremonies of the American Indian and the spirituality of their deeply held beliefs. Some of Challenger’s most recognizable art pieces reveal the history and events leading up to and including the much misunderstood “Ghost Dance” period which had its beginnings with the Paiute “Prophet” Wovoka and spread … Read more

Chester Fields sculpture

Chester Fields’ passions for perfection in realistic art and a solid grounding in business have driven his paintings and sculpture into the money range attained only by the top one percent of living artists today. His limited edition wildlife sculptures usually double in price before the last edition is produced. That’s considered excellent appreciation for … Read more

Bronze Sculpture by Kim Chavez

Kim Chavez Kim began sculpting over 25 years ago and has traveled extensively throughout the Northwest and Southwest researching native wildlife and culture. Inspired by the nature around her, her sculptures reflect a fascination with the high desert, wildlife and sensitivity to the environment. A self-taught artist, countless hours are spent designing and sculpting each … Read more