Rene Gibson

Rene Gibson takes ordinary animal skulls and transforms them into beautiful pieces of art. She combines a variety of materials including gemstones, glass tile, smalti and a variety of beads ranging from simple seed beads to vintage African beads to a mix of metal beads.

With an undergraduate degree in interior design, Rene creates pieces with an awareness of how they would be incorporated into a client’s home. As such, the patterns and color combinations she uses are born from an interior design perspective. While living in Ireland, Rene earned a Master’s of Philosophy in Women’s Studies from Trinity College Dublin. Upon returning to the United States, she began to focus more on creating art.

While most of Rene’s sales are to private collectors, two of her skulls have been shown on the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible Cap’n and the Cowboy episode. As an artist living in West Palm Beach, Florida, Rene is constantly inspired by nature and her loving family.