Deb Penk

Art is a way of expressing one’s imagination and creative skill. As an artist, who paints pictures and exhibit them in exhibitions, it is crucial to have new ideas, rest, and inspiration. Having painted pictures for many years and exhibiting them in various exhibitions, I know the importance of having these three things. A painter … Read more

Clayton Ottley

As could hardly be expected otherwise, the artists have illuminated and explored the field of the comic in art in a multifaceted way. As you can see in the exhibition, their contributions are striking and dazzling, startling and outrageous, conformist and eccentric, punchy and degoutant, oscillating between affirmative and aggressive assertions.

Ray Rafiti

Away from irony, away from sarcasm and cynicism, towards an attitude of empathy, towards a commitment to life as it is lived for the protagonist of the painting. Such a position has been called post-ironic, and it is by no means rare in recent art. B.B. has painted an unwieldy, but ultimately meaningful, a promising … Read more

Jody Kroeger

How contrasting the strategies of creating witty or ironic pictorial effects are can be illustrated by juxtaposing two works in this exhibition, two images that could not be more different.

Roger Cooke

With this setting, the artist builds a difference between the protagonist of the picture and us, the viewers in front of the picture. His agreement with the world that surrounds him is contrasted with our distance from his world. But the picture does not stop there. In the bland interior, an inner space opens up … Read more