Deb Penk

Art is a way of expressing one’s imagination and creative skill. As an artist, who paints pictures and exhibit them in exhibitions, it is crucial to have new ideas, rest, and inspiration.

Having painted pictures for many years and exhibiting them in various exhibitions, I know the importance of having these three things. A painter needs to know more than just moving the paintbrush over the canvas to become great. Many things inspire creativity. One of them is having new ideas. New ideas come about due to creativity. New ideas enable an artist to paint unique works of art that make the audience wow at your work. As an artist who has a vast supply of original ideas, you will have an easy time making pieces of art that satisfy you and the audience that has an opportunity to view your fantastic work.

Another vital factor in the success of an artist is rest. It is common to find artists feeling burnt out after having a breakthrough exhibiting their pieces of art. Immediately going back to work can take a massive toll on an artist’s creativity and health. Therefore, it is essential to get some creative rest to regain your mental and physical health. When creating new works of art, I first strive to get an idea of what I want to showcase. There are many ways that I go about this. One way I get ideas is by observing the world around me. This may involve things such as science, the behaviour of people around me, and politics. Through the observations I make, I can show people, things, animals’ emotions, texture, colour, and contrast. Reading books and other literature pieces, watching TV shows and movies, and listening to music also helps me widen my creativity and knowledge.

Lighting also helps me create fine works of art. Light helps an artist depth to a painting. Light makes a piece of art exciting and captivating because of the three-dimensional feel it adds. The perception of an audience on a piece of art greatly depends on its lighting.

Also, to become a successful artist, you need to be inspired. There are many ways artists find inspiration. It may be from the movies one watches, nature, one’s life, and daily routine. Inspiration makes artists motivated to push their limits so that they can achieve their goals. To breathe creativity into your artistic endeavours, ensure you have new ideas, rest and inspiration.